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In a world where typical cars are on the road for more than 20 years, it?s hard to ignore the mechanic. Everyone needs a local, trusted go-to mechanic for when they need service or diagnostics for their vehicle. Wheelfind Automotive provides the best mechanic services. We provide our services to clients near Niagara Falls, Grand Island, and Buffalo, New York. Wheelfind Automotive is legally insured, bonded, and licensed for operation on cars, trucks and SUVs. With years of experience, we have successfully worked with various dealerships, companies, motor clubs, and probably someone in your neighborhood. We?re known for quick response to emergencies and fair pricing of our services. Truth be told, no one tries us once and fails to spread the word. Below is a list of some of our most common services:

Engine Diagnostics and Tune Ups

The engine is one part of a vehicle that needs to always be in optimal working condition. There are no two ways about that. If your car?s engine is giving you some trouble, the best you can do is pull up at the mechanic?s and have it checked.However, you don?t have to wait till the engine fails for you to reach out to an expert. Why not call a good mechanic to perform a routine check? For that, you want the best professional in town, and that?s exactly what Wheelfind Automotive is. Whether you want a new engine installed or you want the current one tuned up to perfection, Wheelfind Automotive can help you with that.

Brakes & Suspension Problems

Take the example of a car speeding down the highway, and then the driver tries to brake at the red lights – and fails. That?s pretty scary, especially during heavy traffic hours. If you really want to keep on the safe side, you?ll want to keep your vehicle?s brake and suspension systems in their most effective condition at all times. Why take chances with your safety and that of your loved ones when you have Wheelfind Automotive to help you eliminate the threat? You see, the brake and suspension system issues don?t have to be such a definitive factor on how you work with your car. With the right mechanic at your disposal, you?ll never have to worry about unexpected glitches at critical times. You wouldn?t want to always be anxious whenever driving your own car, would you? With Wheelfind Automotive, you?re assured of an effective service that gives you peace of mind. Our team makes sure to run an extensive diagnostic procedure on your braking and suspension system to eliminate any chances of mishaps. That?s what you want.

Batteries, Struts And Shocks

Have you ever tried to ignite a car with a dead battery? It?s as frustrating as it is infuriating. The problem is that some people tend to ignore the health factor of their car batteries, and that ends up causing them trouble and probably monetary damages. You see, the trick is simple: find a good mechanic to check your battery regularly to ensure it?s optimally functional. Don?t even get started on the extent of the damage that weak struts and shocks can cause. For example, a weak shock absorber system means that you get to feel every small bump on the road, and that?s really distracting. In fact, such incidents have been known to cause fatal accidents. You need those struts and shocks checked too, and if they?re faulty, you may choose to have them repaired or replaced. Wheelfind Automotive will have the job done most efficiently.

Oil, Lube And Filter

The best way to keep your car in its best condition is to keep parts like the filter well-functional. Also, you don?t want your car to keep on reusing old oil, especially engine oil. You need to make sure the oil and lube are relatively new and effective. You realize that getting to do all this requires someone who knows stuff to do with cars ? a good mechanic. In that case, you should know that Wheelfind Automotive provides these and more mechanic services. You need an expert? We are the experts.

New York State Vehicle Inspections (Including Motorcycles)

The essence of vehicle inspections is to ensure that they adhere to regulations regarding emissions and safety. You most definitely want to ensure your vehicle?s condition fully conforms to these regulations. For that, you need an expert. Our team at Wheelfind Automotive is vastly experienced in matters concerning vehicle inspections, so you can expect an excellent service that puts your car at the top of the list of the most conforming vehicles in the state. Besides vehicles, Wheelfind Automotive also offers this service to motorcycle owners. We don?t discriminate. Our job is to ensure that our services are available to anyone who needs us. If you have a car or motorcycle that needs to be worked on to comply with inspection regulations, we?re the people to help you with that.

Key & Key Fob Replacement

The wireless remote that you use to get into your car is called a key fob. This device has built-in authentication and sometimes the fob will be attached to a mechanical key, separate from the device. You have to be a locksmith to program and copy key fobs. If you ever lose yours or need spare, Wheelfind Automotive of Grand Island offers professional key fob replacement. Only trust professionals to replace your keys or assist you in lockout. Our trusted automotive experts have been doing key replacement services for a while. Trust Wheelfind Automotive for your key fob replacement.

Alternators And Starters

The alternator is the one important part of a car responsible for generating electrical current necessary to run the other parts that depend of electrical current, while the starter is basically responsible for switching on this electricity and igniting the engine. These are two things that your good car won?t function without. Well, your car may have them, but they?re subject to malfunctions. However, you can ensure that the alternator and starter are always in good condition by getting an expert to check them. The expert mechanics at Wheelfind Automotive are good at that. In case the parts in question are too damaged to be fixed, you may choose to replace them. We can help with that too.

Transmission Service

Anyone who understands how a car functions knows that it can?t work well without a proper transmission system. The transmission mechanism is essentially the system that transmits engine power to the wheels to make the car move. Of course that would be difficult if the transmission system is faulty. In essence, the transmission system revolves around the gears. If you notice a fluid leakage in the system or delayed engagement, then you know your car?s transmission system needs a thorough check up. Other signs include a slipping transmission (gears changing for no reason) or rough shifts. Fortunately, our mechanics at Wheelfind Automotive are conversant with such issues.

Radiators and Heating Service

If your car is having radiator malfunctions, you may notice that the cooling system keeps overheating. That?s not something you wish to experience every day, and that?s why you will want it fixed ? and it?s obvious that you would want the problem solved once and for all so you don?t keep experience the same issues all the time. Wheelfind Automotive boasts the best mechanics experienced in everything to do with radiators and automobile heating and cooling systems. With us, you can be pretty certain that you?re in good hands. Our team works to ensure that you radiator problem is solved within the shortest time possible. We zero down to the root of the problem and solve it once and for all.

Mufflers, Pipes And Welding

A car?s engine is about as powerful as the systems supporting it, and that?s what makes the exhaust pipe so important. You see, when the exhaust fumes can?t exit the cylinder quickly, they create an air resistance or backpressure that greatly affects the engine?s potential power. To solve that problem, you can have a muffler welded onto the exhaust pipe. The muffler, being essentially larger in width than the exhaust pipe, increases the rate at which the fumes leave the cylinder, which in return increases the engine power. Nothing is more distracting than that noisy clunking sound if you?re driving a car with a broken muffler. You might want to get that welded back into its normal working condition. Wheelfind Automotive provides both muffler installation and repair services.

Tires – For All Vehicles And Trucks

First off, cars don?t work without tires. However, that doesn?t mean that you must have a full stock of tires all the time. Save that for the experts like mechanics who know exactly how to fix in the tires or diagnose wheel problems. If you need your car tires checked or replaced, Wheelfind Automotive is the place to be. We have everything you need. We have tires for both vehicles and trucks, so you don?t need to worry about whether you?ll find the right fit for yours. It doesn?t matter what tire width, aspect ratio, or rim diameter you want for your car, we have it all ready for you. In fact, our team of professional mechanics will fix in the tires for you. That?s the kind of attentive service you need, right? It?s a fact that no one ever wants their car to break down or even need any repairs or part replacements in the first place, but it?s the nature of machines to wear and tear. However, it?s your choice of a mechanic service provider that determines your vehicle?s future. Try Wheelfind Automotive today and live to tell a story of a great experience.

Emergency Road Service

Wheelfind Automotive will provide you with any roadside assistance you need. From lockouts to flat tire changes, we will attempt to fix the issue right there on the spot. If we can?t, we will transport your vehicle to or our reliable repair shop, or the shop of your choice. From cars, pickups, and SUVs to motorcycles, trailers, and small motor homes, there?s no job too big or too small for Wheelfind Automotive in Grand Island, N.Y. We have professional drivers, the best customer service in Western New York as well as the fastest and most reliable service in the area. Call us today for immediate emergency road service!


We?ve all been there ? in the middle of nowhere, on a straight stretch of road when the car suddenly overheats. Or maybe on a busy freeway when the unthinkable happens and a tire goes flat. Don?t panic! Breaking down and being stranded can be a stressful experience, but it doesn?t have to be a complete disaster. Call Wheelfind Automotive and let us rescue you from all the unpleasantness of being stuck on the side of the road. You?ll never be so thrilled to see a tow truck as when we pull up behind you to offer a hand. You never know what?s going to happen when you?re on the road, so keep our phone number handy and you?ll always be prepared for anything. We are here when you need us the most! Don?t stress out and worry about who is going to be at your side when your car breaks down, we are here to pick you and your car up whenever you need.

Lockout Service

Few dilemmas can feel as frustrating as having the car door slam and seeing that your keys are still in the ignition, with all doors securely locked tight. When you get locked out of your car, you need someone to call who will be there when you need them most. Wheelfind Automotive are your guys for emergency service when you are locked out of your vehicle. So, when you don?t know who to call when you are locked out, call the emergency lockout team trusted by many, Wheelfind Automotive.
When it comes to unlocking a car, Wheelfind Automotive provides the fastest, most reliable lockout service all at the lowest rates. We are properly licensed and insured to provide lock out services. Our service eliminates the need for costly key replacement and unnecessary duplications which saves you money. You can trust Wheelfind Automotive to get the job done right with no damage to your car. Call us today for immediate service.

Other Emergency Services

Need help with something you don?t see on our list? Give us a call! Wheelfind Automotive provides a variety of emergency services. We offer flat tire assistance, fuel recovery service, jump start service and can help diagnose problems with your car to provide you with options to get the best service. Call today to find out why Wheelfind Automotive is consider the top emergency service provider in your area!

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